Kutter Consulting can help you or your organization understand complicated issues and communicate your message to target audiences, such as clients, stakeholders, funding organizations, and prospective employers.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation investigates the performance of policies, programs, and projects using criteria, such as effectiveness and efficiency. Monitoring and evaluation can involve many different activities, including formulating the goals of an evaluation, collecting data, analyzing data, and reporting results. The types of organizations that could benefit from monitoring and evaluating their activities include businesses, social service organizations, and international development agencies. Monitoring and evaluation services include the following:

Document Preparation

Professional documents should have clear, concise, and grammatically correct content, and they should have a professional appearance. Using clients’ existing content, I can help create professional documents for a variety of purposes and settings, such as non-governmental organizations’ reporting their findings on pressing social issues, businesses’ reporting their corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, and individual researchers’ creating professional diagrams for their journal articles. Document preparation services include the following:

  • Copyediting (including citation formatting)
  • Professional report formatting and typesetting
  • Thesis and dissertation formatting and typesetting
  • Creating professional charts, graphs, plots, and figures
  • Publication to multiple formats simultaneously (including Word, PDF, eBook, and web page)
  • Résumé and CV formatting and typesetting

I am happy to use whatever software clients prefer. I typically use LaTeX for typesetting documents and drawing figures, but I am also very comfortable using Microsoft Word. One reason I like LaTeX is the professional appearance of documents and figures it creates. LaTeX is also a great tool for creating a series of documents with a similar look. Word is preferable for some tasks, such as copyediting because its track changes feature is hard to beat.

See examples of past document preparation work.

Original Research

My most recent academic degree, a PhD in sustainability, has helped me develop the skill set to conduct interdisciplinary social science research. For example, in my dissertation research, I implemented a survey in slums in Bhopal, India, and analyzed the survey data with logistic regression models. But the research skills I have developed are useful in many contexts, including those outside the field of sustainability. For example, by understanding diverse positions on controversial issues, I can help your organization formulate its own position in a way that is both constructive and persuasive. Research services include the following:

  • Position papers
  • Interview methods (including surveys)
  • Qualitative data analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Life cycle assessment/greening supply chains
  • Environmental modeling
  • See also Monitoring and Evaluation

I have worked on many issues from eco-labels to climate change, and I have particular expertise in the following topics:

  • International development in general and sustainable development in particular
  • Water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH) interventions, especially in India
  • Beneficiary participation (sometimes called by other names, including community-led development and community-based development)

Professional Writing

I view most professional writing as persuasive writing in which the author aims to persuade the audience of something—for example, the author’s position on an issue, the merit of a funding proposal, or the way to use a particular piece of technology. In order to be persuasive, I write clearly and concisely, use logical arguments, and provide supporting evidence for my arguments. Writing services include the following:

  • Position papers
  • Grant writing
  • Technical communication
  • Report writing

See examples of professional writing.