Here are some examples of past work. More details about services are on the Services page. See Contact if you are interested in working together.

Monitoring and Evaluation

My dissertation work involved monitoring and evaluation activities. I will post an excerpt soon.

Document Preparation

Formatted Document

The next two images show my effort to convert a handwritten cooking cheat sheet to an organized, computer-generated one using LaTeX. My goal in sharing these is to convey the sharp, attractive document formatting that can be achieved with LaTeX, my main tool for document formatting.

Handwritten original LaTeX version
Click images for full-size versions.

Document Template

The next document examplifies my using LaTeX to create attractive templates, which can then be used to quickly generate many documents with the same attractive look. I created this particular LaTeX template for The Sustainability Consortium. The Sustainability Consortium wanted to document its research on the environmental and social impacts of consumer product categories, such as computers or apples. Because there were many product categories, manually generating an attractive report on each one would have been too time consuming. (Note: I did not do the graphic design for the template, but I implemented the graphic design in LaTeX.)

Category Sustainability Profile for Laundry Detergent
Category Sustainability Profile for Laundry Detergent
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See The Sustainability Consortium’s website for more information.

Dissertation/Thesis Template in LaTeX

Formatting a dissertation/thesis is often one of the least pleasant parts of the graduate student experience. It's the last thing students need to do before they're finally done, and it often involves tedious, time-consuming work. There is room for improvement in Arizona State University's current LaTeX template, so I did the formatting for my PhD dissertation on my own and created a new LaTeX template.

Arizona State University Thesis/Dissertation Template in LaTeX
Title page of sample for ASU Dissertation in LaTeX
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See the GitHub page for more information.

Copyediting Example

The following passage is from my coursework for a copyediting certificate from the University of California, San Diego. The style guide was the 16th edition of The Chicago Manual of Style.

Original Marked up
Original Final

Original Research

My dissertation is a work of original research. I will post an excerpt soon.

Professional Writing

Persuasive Essay

The following is an excerpt from my essay for Arizona State University’s Spirit of Service Scholarship. The Spirit of Service initiative honors promising students who are interested in public service. I was fortunate to win a scholarship with this essay for the 2011–2012 academic year.

Click here to view an excerpt from my essay.

Research Proposal

The following is an excerpt from my PhD dissertation research proposal, which I submitted for Arizona State University’s Graduate Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Each year 25 Graduate Dissertation Completion Fellowships are awarded through a university-wide contest. The fellowship pays for an academic year of tuition and includes a stipend. I was fortunate to win the fellowship in the 2013–2014 academic year.

Click here to view an excerpt from my research proposal.

Technical Communication

The following is an excerpt from an instruction manual that I wrote to help researchers at The Sustainability Consortium use the LaTeX template shown in the “Document Template” section on this page. One reason for creating the template was to enable researchers to create their own final documents, so the organization’s graphic designer would not have to create them all manually. Most researchers were not familiar with LaTeX, so I wrote an easy-to-follow instruction manual that walked them through the process. I wrote this document with LyX, which is a user-friendly LaTeX editor.

Click here to view an excerpt from the instruction manual.